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Welcome to Aro Wire's Online Frame Shop!
We hope you enjoy your visit.
There is a $35.00 minimum on all orders.

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Our payment policy is CIA (cash in advance) or payment by credit card for all new customers. After three or four orders, depending on size and regularity, an account status may be changed to a net 20 day with a $300.00 credit limit. This is at the sole discretion of management. Increases in credit limits will depend upon payment patterns and credit references. Generally, a $700.00 credit limit on a net 30 day status for the first year or two can be established if certain criteria are met. If an account is inactive for a year or more, that client must check our office to see if their account number has been reissued to some other client before attempting to use said number. Aro wire reserves the right to refuse credit and/or service to anyone with whom we know there is or may be a problem.

Our friendly office personnel will gladly take your order by phone. If more expertise is required, you will be put in direct touch with Janet or Bill. You may also fax your order to us at (213) 749-7381 and we will respond by phone or fax for confirmation if necessary.

Our store hours are:

Monday - Thursday 5 am - 1 pm PST

Let's go shopping!

You can look for frames in one of two ways.
The first way is to click on a link of the shape of frame you are looking for.
The second way is to use our search function.
If you know you want a round style, just click on round and you will see many round frames. If you are looking for a particular size round frame, say 24" in diameter, use the search feature with a keyword "24"" and all the frames that have 24 inches(usually bottom diameter) will be generated. You can narrow your search by clicking on the "exact match" field or by including a price range. All the fields need not be filled in. So if you only want shade frames that are less than $15.00, just put $15.00 in the higher field.

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